04 Apr

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24 Mar


- You’re right.
- I’m always right.
- You’re right.
- I’m always right.

I do not care how many other people they date, I do not care what the series says if and when it ends, I know only one thing.

There are not two people on the earth more in love with each other than those two characters and they WILL always, always be each other’s endgame.


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21 Feb

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11 Aug

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22 Jul

This is just my ship, you know…sailing itself. 

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09 May
Per Deadline, Vangsness and Cook are negotiating together, seeking pay parity after too many years of making less than half what any of the male series regulars do. (via kirantheholodeckstowaway)

I stopped watching CM because I couldn’t take the torture porn of (mostly women) every week.  For years, it’s been clear that their female cast members don”t matter as much as the men to them.  However, this is still so shocking.  It’s 2013 and these women are making less than half of the men.  I mean Vangness holds that show together on a weekly basis.  It’s disgusting and sad.  The producers of this show and CBS should be deeply embarrassed.

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23 Apr


11 Apr

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15 Mar


3 times Dr. Reid talks sci-fi

20 Feb
11 Nov

You are my God-given solace

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01 Nov


Oh god I literally cannot!

01 Nov

‘I told him that he should go out on Halloween and try to figure out which monsters are real, and which ones are not.’

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31 Oct


best moment ever.

09 Oct

And haven’t we all felt like saying this at times?

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